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    Ellen Purcell
       Author, Speaker,  Trainer

    There Must Be a Better Way! :
    Taking the sting out of criticism and the bite out of blame”

    Productivity at work is undermined and relationships can crumble under the eroding power of criticism and blame.

    • Why do we do it? 
    • Does it accomplish what we want? 
    • How should we react when it comes at us?

    There MUST be a better way … and there is!

    For hundreds of years, only a select few were trained in these powerful insights as a path to advancement. Taught through spoken word alone for generations -- and only recently written about -- this wisdom is available for you now through Ellen Purcell’s presentation:

     “There Must Be a Better Way!”

    This fascinating and enjoyable presentation lets you find that way -- and enjoy a lifetime of benefits at home, at work and with friends and family.

    For information call:  703-476-5644
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    Ellen Purcell was hand-selected through a nationwide search to be featured in a new book
    “Speaking of Success”
    along with other noted authors,
    Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
    Jack Canfield (“Chicken Soup...”  book series)
    and Ken Blanchard (“One Minute Manager”)



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