You Are About to Discover
The Solution to One of Life’s Biggest Mysteries:
How You Can Create and Sustain Relationship Happiness!

Relationship happiness – We all want it. Sometimes it comes… and then goes again – leaving us with the puzzle:  Why is this happening?  Why me?  Why again?  Whether it’s our partner, or close friends… why is it is so hard to keep that good thing going?

Now, finally, some answers:

“Riding Relationship Cycles:
How to keep your balance and not fall off!”

This new audio program by relationship experts Ellen & Chuck Purcell gives you the solution for how to understand the relationship cycles that all couples go through – and then, more importantly, how to stay connected and happy no matter what challenges life throws at you.

    I wasn’t excited about doing this program, but I have to say, now I think I understand why my wife has been upset with me.  Plus, I have some specific tools and skills now to reconnect with her when this happens in the future.
          -  John M

What you can get from the “Riding Relationship Cycles” audio program:

  • How to get back that loving feeling when it seems like your partner has changed.
  • How engaged couples and newlyweds can avoid the pitfalls that derail so many marriages.
  • Singles – here’s how to avoid unsuccessful relationships in the future.
  • Take your good marriage up a notch –  this proven format for reconnecting and deepening will move your marriage from good to great.
  •   “Jim and I had tried a lot, but we were heading in opposite directions. This program let us really hear each other. Now, I have hope that we can stay together.” – Vickie N.

This one-hour audio program with accompanying workbook is now available as a downloadable audio and workbook for the low introductory investment in your relationship of just $77! (Regular price will be $97)


BONUS for the first 25 to order:   A FREE 30-minute follow-up telephone coaching session with Ellen Purcell, PAIRS Master Teacher to personalize this audio program to your specific relationship needs.

    I guarantee you will feel this program is worth many times what you paid, or I will gladly refund your money up to a year from purchase.