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Ellen and Chuck Purcell
PAIRS Leaders
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The PAIRS program is an exciting, dynamic experiential process.  You will be fortunate in taking this class with two PAIRS leaders who have had extensive experience in teaching this program for years – as well as having the compassion, sensitivity and true dedication that have made the difference for many couples who want to experience the joys of a passionate, long-lasting relationship.

Ellen PurcellEllen Purcell, Master Teacher

In 1997, the national office of the PAIRS Foundation awarded certification to Ellen to be a PAIRS Master Teacher. This certification is given to those leaders who have shown excellence in presentation and mastery of the material. From a field of thousands of  trained professionals, there are currently fewer than 25 leaders in the entire PAIRS international network who have received this level of certification. She has taught PAIRS since 1992.

Additionally, as a Professional PAIRS Trainer, Ellen trains professionals around the country to conduct PAIRS classes. She has served as Director of the PAIRS Foundation, and Executive Director of the PEERS Program, an adaptation of the communication portion of the PAIRS classes for middle and high school youth.

As a PAIRS leader, Ellen has lectured at George Mason University, James Madison University and George Washington University, and has presented workshops, television and radio shows, and had several articles in newspapers and magazines about her work with PAIRS – the most recent a front page article in the Washington Post.

Chuck PurcellCharles Purcell, MSCE, MSSM, MSME

Chuck is a retired Air Force fighter pilot, who holds three Master of Science degrees in Education, Systems Management and Mechanical Engineering.  In addition, he holds a BS in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Pre-Med.   In 1996, Chuck took his training to become a PAIRS leader, and has taught the PAIRS Relationship Mastery Program with Ellen since 1996.

Chuck's teaching and counseling experience also includes three years as an Associate Professor at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, where he practiced marriage counseling; 2 years as Chief of Advanced Jet Academics, leading a team of five instructors teaching student pilots supersonic aerodynamics, aircraft engineering, instrument procedures, flight planning, meteorology, and air combat tactics; three years as an instructor pilot, culminating in the awarding of a Master Instructor status. 

In the years since his military retirement, Chuck has worked as a senior program manager with an international consulting firm, concentrating on national and international energy and environmental issues, lecturing at international conferences throughout the world on stratospheric ozone protection and energy efficiency technologies. In addition, Chuck currently works for Atlantic Airways as a flight instructor on the technologically advanced Cirrus SR Series aircraft.

PAIRS in Virginia is an effective marriage counseling alternative to help couples restore clear communication, avoid fighting, diffuse anger, solve problems together and reenergize intimacy.   Our classes teach you the skills you need to sustain a happy relationship!  Call 703-476-5644.


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