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Ellen and Chuck PurcellPAIRS
Practical Skills for Emotional Literacy          
Presented by Master Teachers Ellen & Chuck Purcell

KEY QUESTIONS to see if this class would be a good fit for your relationship needs:

Are everyday stresses keeping your good marriage from feeling great much of the time? Want the fun times back in your marriage?

Does it seem like your partner has changed, and the two of you have a problem with communication, managing anger and resolving differences? 
Feel like you are often “stuffing your emotions”?

Newlywed or engaged -- and want to learn how to keep your marriage happy and avoid unhappiness and divorce?

Feeling lonely and disconnected --
           even though you are with your partner all the time?

In addition to our 4-hour workshops, we are taking registrations again for our yearly offering of the PAIRS Relationship Mastery Program. This unique program is presented only at our Reston location.  See Class Schedule for description or for further details write Ellen.Purcell@gmail.com.

Learn the easy but specific steps to get the relationship you want  -- PAIRS is what you’re looking for! PAIRS’ classroom approach includes dynamic, humorous, quick interactive exercises and interesting conceptsParticipants enjoy our workshops because they provide effective skills they can use daily with all their close relationships.

For over 35 years, PAIRS instructors around the world have presented these internationally acclaimed workshops that teach those really important skills we never learned in school:   how to create and sustain happy, passionate, long-lasting marriages.

Check out these 2 minute videos,
as couples describe their PAIRS experiences

Wouldn’t have stayed together without this class
PAIRS is fun
Why take PAIRS?
Comments about PAIRS Instructors
PAIRS saves a marriage
Issues resolved in spite of ourselves
Class approach built trust and results
PAIRS Leaders share how they live PAIRS

Whether you just want to learn better ways to communicate and avoid misunderstandings, or spice up the intimacy in your marriage, or seriously work on a challenged marriage -- PAIRS has what you need.  When is the last time you heard of a marriage being saved just by reading a book?
  We learn by doing!  PAIRS -- Experience the difference!

   Click here for the schedule of upcoming classes
Can’t attend? In addition to the Private Coaching available, Here’s another option for you!

Graduates say:

      “PAIRS deepened and made better an already great relationship!” – David W.

      “Before PAIRS, we argued all the time. Now we enjoy each other and can’t wait to spend time together.” – Sally S.

      “Before, I just wanted out...PAIRS definitely helped save our marriage.” – Jo K.

    PAIRS in Virginia is an effective alternative to marriage counseling that helps couples restore clear communication, avoid fighting, diffuse anger, solve problems together and reenergize intimacy.   Our classes teach you the skills you need to sustain a happy relationship!  Call 703-476-5644 to see which workshop fits your needs and schedule.


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PRIVATE COACHING sessions for couples:
 PAIRS Classics or
PreMarital training
Call 703-476-5644 for details.

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Ellen Purcell is also available for customized   BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS  --  Read what others have to say about Ellen’s recent  PRESENTATIONS!

“Everything I expected a speaker to be and more: personal, lively and with a passion for her subject. Ellen knows how to pass along her enthusiasm to her audience.” -Dennis Chazelle,
Chazelle Consulting

“Feedback has been terrific. People walked away with real skills to help their relationships.”
Dale Rampell,
MITRE Corporation

“…well organized, focused and relevant to the issues. As a result, I have seen staff begin to communicate more directly with their colleagues on difficult issues and resolve problems. “
-Sarah Ogilvie,
 Holocaust Memorial Museum

 “Informative and constructive, but also fun! “ Karen Smith
Gourley & Gourley, LLC

“Ellen did a wonderful job! She is a talented speaker and an accomplished teacher. Our staff gained insights they want to put into practice.” -Brian Cobb,
Inno-Space Architects


PAIRS Couples Relationship Workshop
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